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Life is so amazing

Life is so amazing in that we always have a choice.

We choose how we respond to our surroundings or our circumstances.

We choose to be patient or intolerant.

We choose to love or hate.

These can be the hardest choices because they require us to be mindful and deliberate and require the most discipline.Sometimes when we are at a crossroads in life our choices are conscious and thought out. But for the most part, day in and day out, the thousands of choices wemake without much thought are the ones that end up having the greatestimpact on our lives. The ones that determine our destiny.

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Forgiveness is the complete expression of unconditional love in its highestform. And our ‘character’ is never more like God than when we forgive. Chapter 17
Quote from the early 90s

In the calming rhythm of the crystal rain beating on the soils of the earth, this is where I dream to dance.

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Nurture Your Spirit

Nurture your spirit for the sake of your soul—for your soul thirsts to rejoin forces with your spirit and have an intimate relationship with God—and He too longs to restore our souls to their original state of love.
Chapter 13