Stones in the Sand

A Story of Family, Faith, and Forgiveness.

Book Reviews

Stones in the Sand, is a poignant journey of discovery, the moving struggle of a woman finding her way through the difficulties of life and learning to love herself and those around her.
Lee Rosichan, Educator and Creative Writer
Donna has written an amazingly powerful book. Her courage, strength, and humanity shine through on every page of this engaging and relatable story.

Sheila Faraghan, Educator
Donna's story offers a wonderful study in resilience and forgiveness. The reader is given a first-hand account of the great possibility of having a spiritually-directed life journey. This book has inspired me to look at my own spiritual understanding.
Psychologist, Susan M. Huslage, PHD

Told with humor and compassion, Stones in the Sand is a love letter to the future generations of the Stone family and to anyone who might gain a little insight from the tale of the Stones . . .